About Us




  • Developing sustainable relationships with our clients is our number one goal and that starts with conducting our business honestly, fairly, and with integrity.
  • Being true to our word, holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards, and prioritizing the investor's potential for success above all else, are important parts of our culture.
  • With an average of more than 25 years in the business, our diverse team effectively blends technical expertise with common sense, financial theory with real life market experience.
  • We believe in transparency at R Best. We study the markets, and then share our discoveries with our investors, so they can be better informed and stay disciplined through thick and thin.
  • Finally, investing is not a sprint, it is a marathon. It takes time for compounding to work its magic, and it only happens if fees are kept to a minimum. We take pride in being resourceful, we invest in technology, and do our best to keep distribution and operations costs in check so we can offer our great products at the lowest price points possible.


  • We are a data driven, research intensive, systematic investment manager.
  • We believe that a disciplined and repeatable rules-based decision making process is more reliable than discretionary judgement, and that through the use of simple quantitative models, with limited inputs, backed by empirical evidence, we can exploit regularly occurring inefficiencies in the financial markets.
  • In developing our systems, we invest a great deal of effort collecting relevant, accurate, and clean historical market data and then utilize the most modern data science methods, traditional statistical analysis, and visualization techniques to interpret the data and make sense of the markets.
  • In our studies we value robustness over precision, and prefer strategies that perform well across different market regimes, as well as different markets and sectors. We also prefer intuitive, logical, risk-based or behavioral-based explanations for the market anomalies that we're observing and why they should continue to exist.
  • Finally, we go through great lengths to try and "break" our systems by stress testing them under different market conditions and changing the choice of measures and parameters, making sure that our strategies hold up for various definitions and are capable of withstanding the test of time.