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Private Client

The R Best Private Client Program utilizes short term, systematic technical models to capitalize on directional moves in the Treasury and Equity Futures markets. All trades are liquidated by the end of each trading day. No additional overnight margin required.

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Private Client Plus

The R Best Private Client Plus program utilizes the same short-term, systematic technical models as the Private Client program but expands its scope to capitalize on directional moves in the fixed-income, equity, commodity, and currency futures markets. Our models are designed to establish intradaytrading positions when the markets exhibit a high probability of developing a sustained trending move or a sustained reversion move that day.

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World Select

The objective of the World Select Program is to deliver high absolute returns in rising or falling markets through systematic long-term positioning in managed futures. The program seeks to dynamically construct long-short portfolios that efficiently allocate risk across 6 distinct sectors – equities, fixed income, currencies, energies, metals, and agricultural markets.

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